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About Nebraska State Bank

Nebraska State Bank in Oshkosh Nebraska has been serving its customers faithfully for over 80 years. In 1917, the Oshkosh State Bank, owned by Reuben Lisco and Peter Olson, started in a small frame building on the east side of Main Street, and operated there until the two-story brick building was built on the southwest corner of the intersection of Main and Avenue C. The Nebraska State Bank was chartered June 1, 1921 by W.W. Bower, Robert Day, C.M. Davis, Floyd Jones, August Sudman and G.E. Melvin. January 21, 1924, two banks (Oshkosh State Bank and the Nebraska State Bank) merged as the Nebraska State Bank, and was housed in the two story brick bank.

Oshkosh 1970

In December 1970, the Nebraska State Bank added a new building next to the two story brick building. The original two story building was remodeled in 1998. Another building was added and remodeled in 1995 to accommodate the growing staff needs of the bank.


Nebraska State Bank was chartered by the State Department of Banking in 1921. Throughout the years, the bank has seen gradual growth and has been a competitive Nebraska institution. As banking changed into the 1990's, so did the direction of the bank. Management decided to find an area that would be of benefit to the bank and to the bank's customer base. With the movement of the Farm Services Agency away from direct lending and into providing government guarantees to local banks, it was obvious that Farm Service Agency was no longer the "Lender of Last Resort" with the guaranty program. This allowed commercial banks to extend their current lending policies to better conform with the needs of the customer base. Today's bank can meet the financial needs of the farm customer much easier than in the past. Whether for purchase or refinance, Nebraska State Bank is the leader in the Midwest.